Support Ke Kai

We are so grateful for your support

Hi'ilani 'O Ke Kai Outrigger and Cultural Center (formerly Ke Kai O'Uhane OCC) is a registered 501(c)3 public charity.  Our club remains a membership-driven organization and the majority of our financial resources come from our members. 

Each membership and every donation mean a great deal.  Your contributions allow us to continue to support the Hawaiian culture, the health of our canoes, and the well-being of our community.  If you would like to donate directly to Ke Kai or organize a fundraiser, please reach out to

Financial resources are important, but community goes even deeper.  Our members, neighbors, and friends contribute to the Ke Kai community with their dedication, interest, creativity, time, and knowledge.

Below are some of the ways our community has shown their support of Ke Kai.  We are grateful for all of your contributions!

Sharing the Culture and Ohana

Reny Diaz and  Monterey Donuts keep us fed after long-distance practices. :-) 

Manuel Delgado captures smiles all around with his photography skills. 

Leslie Ching donated the proceeds of 50lbs of wild-caught AK salmon.

Boy Scout Troop 853 joined Ke Kai for a day on the water! 

Uncle Manley Bush led Ke Kai in our 2021 canoe blessing, supported by our hula halau.

Kumu Hula Marleen Bush taught lei-making on the beach.

Head Coach Keanu La'a shared his knowledge of ipu carving.

Uncle Les, Uncle Manley, Uncle Darrel, and Uncle Sammy shared the history behind Ke Kai's logo.

A New Stage Design for Luau 

Louisa Hamper and Dale Kerrigan created a stunning new design for the stage at Ke Kai's 2020 Luau.  With support from Charles Hamper and Jane Holte, the team built a set of sails and statues to grace the stage while paying homage to the cultural and historical significance of Hawaiian traditions. 


The Fitzgerald family supported a private rec paddle on their family vacation.

Mel Latham offered her yard for socially-distanced hula classes. 

Ohalo Genetics and Trinity Christian High School joined us for private, team-building rec paddles to learn about paddling and Monterey Bay.

Restoring our Canoes

After the October 2019 accident that damaged and destroyed many of Ke Kai's canoes, we have been fortunate to be able to repair and restore several canoes with the support of club members, donors, and professionals.  

Ke Kai Malu

Craig Smith at Elkhorn Composites spent incredible amounts of time and expertise rebuilding Ke Kai Malu's structure and applying new gel coating. 

Jim Dimke transported Ke Kai Malu from the beach to the workshop, and back again.  

Malcolm Isely, Grace O'Dell, Jim Dimke, and Jason Fertig cleaned and replaced the skirt rails.

Many members welcomed Malu back to the beach at Ke Kai's canoe blessing.

Ke Kai O'Uhane Elua

Jim Dimke organized repairs and transportation, supervised prep work, and taught members about canoe repairs.

Additionally, he, Bill Boosman, and Dale Kerrigan made structural repairs to make Elua water-worthy after the accident.

Sanding and prep work was supported by Janice Quenga, Priscilla Tran, Grace O'Dell, Malcolm Isely, Sharon Wyatt, Jason Fertig, Kris Avilla and many more. 

Lastly, Kris Avilla provided his expertise and workspace to bring Elua back to her original paint colors and design.  

supporting the Behind-the-Scenes 

Ke Kai's Board of Directors continues meeting via Zoom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Ricciardi single-handedly maintained the Ke Kai website for several years.

Treasurer Nancy Neville organized and filed 6+ years of financial information.

Maintaining our Gear and Community Space

Monterey Bay Kayaks donated several PFDs for our keiki paddlers. 

Dozens of members came to clean up our canoe site and rig canoes before the blessing.

Yearly equipment review and inventory completed by Sharon Wyatt, Rosanna Isely, and Jeremy Sommer

Rusty Trevino replaced our missing water barrel.

20+ members rigged five canoes in one day.

Our beach trailer was cleaned and repaired by Tom Szestowicki, Alan Romero, and Warren Ruhl.

Jason Fertig and Grace O'Dell updated the saddles for OC1s.

Dale Kerrigan, Rusty & Carolyn Trevino refinished the iakos (outriggers). 

Malcolm Isely and Jim Dimke built new storage spaces for the club OC1 and OC2.

Carolyn Trevino coordinated the purchase and transportation of a new ama.

Dale Kerrigan repaired a very damaged ama.

Keanu La'a transported the club's new OC2, a Kai Wa'a Gemini.

Dale Kerrigan prepped yards and yards of rigging rope.

Lisa Phares and Alan Romero organized beach clean-ups.

Dale Kerrigan built new canoe and ama saddles.

Rosanna & Malcolm Isely donated new sponges to clean canoes.