Our History

Club Founders and Kupunas

Julian and Shirley Avilla

Hal Davenport, with wife Cindy

Les Charles, with wife Judy

Joined by the Woodward and Bush 'ohana

Begining in 1984...

Our first practice and racing canoe was loaned to us by Roy Decoito of Hui Wa’a Outrigger Canoe Club. During our first year as a club, Aunty Arma, then editor of the Cal Hawaiian News, donated an unfinished outrigger “plug” to our club that was built into our first canoe.

The donation came with one stipulation; that should another club need help to get started, Ke Kai O’Uhane would reciprocate by helping them, as well. We had that opportunity when Outrigger Santa Cruz (OSC), (formerly Akau Hana), started their club.

That first malia was sold to OSC for the cost of building materials, and later, when the founders of OSC left, they sold Ke Kai O’Uhane, the canoe, back to us.

In the early 1980's, Hui ‘O Kalani OCC encouraged the founders to start a club in Monterey. To that goal, O’Kalani Outrigger Canoe Club had us stage the first regatta to be held in Monterey in the summer of 1984. With help from Junior Wright and his club members, the community saw the potential for a cultural activity that would encompass all of Monterey County.

Our founders, and Julian & Shirley Avilla, Les Charles, and Hal Davenport were fortunate to have the guidance and wisdom of the late Aunty Arma Fonseca and paddling knowledge of Eddie Fonseca, founder of Ke Anuenue Outrigger Canoe Club.

Ke Kai O'Uhane, Northern California Canoe Champions, taken at Lake Del Valle 1987
Canoes on the Beach for a Beautiful Paddle on the Monterey Bay
Canoes on the beach for a beautiful paddle on Monterey Bay

and continuing today!

30th Anniversary Video Compilation

Ke Kai O'Uhane celebrated our 30th anniversary with a video compilation featuring members, community, and shared experiences.

We welcome you to join us as we journey through the past and into our present!

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In the Beginning: Paddling

In the Beginning: Hula

These photos are part of the personal collection of the Charles family and have been shared with their permission.