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Annual Membership Details

Ke Kai offers individual and family memberships so that everyone can enjoy our club! Our membership includes paddlers - both competitive and recreational, hula dancers - new and returning, as well as friends and supporters who might not paddle or dance, but support the club in other ways.

Becoming a Ke Kai member provides access to all of the club activities (paddling and hula) and resources (equipment, knowledge, and private Facebook groups), as well as voting rights in decisions brought before our general membership (such as Board elections, large purchases, and amendments to our non-profit bylaws).

We offer two annual membership packages:

  • Individual Membership: $200.00 For individuals over the age of 19. Includes an adult, or adult+one child.
    (1) Voting right for those 19 & older.

  • Family Membership: $300.00 For two adults and any children 19 and under (no limit) who reside in the same household.
    (2) Voting rights for those 19 & older.

The new 2022 NCOCA waiver is available as of Feb 1, 2022.
All members must complete this waiver.