Paddling Policies & Rules

Ke Kai has several policies and practices in place to ensure the safety of our paddlers, proper maintenance of our canoes, and the supportive club community we strive to uphold. 

Rules for Practice and Club Canoe Use

Ke Kai’s Board of Directors annually reviews our approved rules and regulations to use club canoes and equipment.  Last revised in June 2023, our current rules state: 

“A coach or board member must be present for any practice. If the crew is going out alone, must notify someone on dry land with their course and time duration at least one day in advance. Once back, must notify that person of their return.”

Agreed-upon terms:

Coaches and Board members communicate in advance of regularly scheduled practice times to ensure that enough responsible parties are present to hold a practice or recreational paddle.  On the occasions when we do not have coaches or board members available to supervise, practice times are canceled.  

Safety Drills and Huli Practices

It is expected that paddlers who plan to participate in long distance training and races successfully take part in at least one huli (canoe flip) recovery drill prior to race day.  Ke Kai has several resources available to train and instruct our paddlers in proper huli recovery.  Start with this training video.

Our club also submits an annual Water Safety Plan to the City of Monterey for continued beach use and event permits.  

OC1 Storage Rental

Ke Kai is able to offer limited storage space for personal OC1 vessels through our partnership with Monterey Bay Kayaks. Storage space can currently accommodate 12 OC1s and is managed through a waitlist. To rent a space for a personal canoe, you must be a member in good standing (membership is paid in full or paying via a payment plan) and pay storage fees monthly, in half-year increments, or pay the year in full.  

Membership Code of Conduct

All members are expected to:

Coaches, Alaka’is, and Representatives agree to:

Everyone has the fundamental right to a safe and secure environment. Accordingly, the Board, coaches, and alaka'i will not tolerate any incidents of harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, or intimidation. Club members who engage in such behavior, or who violate other terms of this code of conduct, will be disciplined in a manner consistent with the nature of the infraction. Those who repeatedly engage in such behavior will receive increasingly severe consequences, including loss of club activity privileges or revocation of club membership without refund. Once a membership has been revoked, that individual or family (if applicable) will be required to wait until the next year to petition for membership, and acceptance or denial will be determined at the discretion of the Board, with input from coaches and/or alaka'is.

Approved by the Board, October 9 2019